Frequently Asked Questions about
RC Warship Combat

Can you tell me in one sentence what this is all about?
If you were the kind of kid who, at some point in your youth, placed a lit firecracker into a plastic model ship just to watch it blow up in the water, then you already know what this is about. It's just that we're all much bigger boys now, and we're a bit more sophisticated about it.

Do your model ships really shoot guns at each other?
Yes, our ships have CO2-powered guns, shooting ammo that ranges in caliber from BBs to 1/4" diameter steel balls. And yes, we maneuver our ships and fire the guns with radio control equipment.

But, don't your ships get damaged then?
Yes, that's the point. Our ships get pieces shot off and holes in their hulls.

Then, do they sink?
Sometimes, yes. But it's not like the Titanic, or something, where the ships remain on the bottom. We simply pull them out and repair them.

Isn't that expensive?
Not ususally. The ships and the equipment inside them are designed to be immersed in water. Usually, it's just a matter of drying them out and patching the holes in the hulls - sometimes while still at the pond.

How far do the guns shoot?
I've seen balls skipping all the way across the pond, but the maximum effective range is really about 20 feet.

Are there submarines?
Yes, there are a few submarines out there. We have one in our club that has sunk its share of warships.

Do the submarines shoot miniature torpedoes that explode?
No, they shoot 1/4" diameter steel balls from their torpedo tubes. They have to be very, very close to the enemy ship to penetrate its hull.

What about aircraft carriers?
Yes, we have aircraft carriers.

Do they launch planes that fly around?
Some of them do, but the aircraft don't really fly around - they're catapulted at the enemy ship, in hopes of striking it for points.

Do you have convoys, like in WWII?
Yes. We have convoy ships that need to sail around a course and deliver cargo to their home ports. The enemy tries to stop them, by shooting off the cargo, or sinking the ship. The convoy ship's escorts try to protect it.

How would I get started in this hobby/sport?
Start by reading the many great stories and technical articles on the World Wide Web, and seach for RC Warship Combat on YouTube. One of the best resources is our rulebook. Also, feel free to send us an e-mail for more information .

Where can I buy one of these ships?
Well, you're not going to find one at your local hobby store.You either have to build one yourself, orbuy one from somebody else who's built or bought one from somebody else.(Even though it's all about damaging and sinking, RC combat ships rarely die a permanent death.) Check this and other RC Combat web sites for ships for sale. A better suggestion is to go to a combat event and ask around - most people have ships they're willing to part with, but caveat emptor!

Can I come watch one of your battles?
Spectators are always welcome! If you're anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area, check our event schedule. We might even put you to work, skippering a convoy ship!

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