About Western Warship Combat Club, Inc. (WWCC)

WWCC is a non-profit, California corporation, and a member of the "Big Gun" scale warship combat community. We are committed to constructing and engineering radio-controlled, semi-autonomous robotic models that engage in simulated naval combat in which ships can and do sink, but we do it in a safe and friendly environment. Our models are built exclusively in 1/144th (1" = 12') scale.

Western Warship Combat Club has been a fixture in the San Jose area for over 25 years. The purposes of the Club are:

1. to provide interested persons of all ages with the opportunity to associate with others interested in the hobby of constructing and operating radio controlled semi-scale model warship combat;

2. to promote safety, good sportsmanship and fun in semi-scale model warship combat competitions;

3. to make information available to members and others concerning the history of early 20th Century warships, and the construction and operation of semi-scale models of those ships in simulated combat activities.

4. to provide opportunities and instruction to young people and their parents, encouraging them to work together, researching, constructing, engineering and safely operating model warships.

5. to provide a means by which U.S. military veterans and active-duty personnel can maintain or re-establish ties to civilian society by cooperating in a family-friendly pastime.

WWCC's primary activities occur in San Jose, California, at Lake Minden, in Nicolaus, CA, and in San Diego County. Membership in WWCC is open to anyone within the constraints of the club's rules, which place age limits on fighting ship operations and emphasize a code of conduct that promotes good will, good sportsmanship and - above all - fun for all.

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